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Proxomitron 4.5

May vs. June
There were two separate releases of Proxomitron 4.5, one in May of 2003 and one in June.  There are critical, undocumented differences between them, particularly regarding Proxomitron's handling of remote proxy connections.  We encourage you to read the overview of these differences before choosing your download.

May-vs-June overview                    Installation instructions
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The very latest-and-greatest Proxomitron available.


4.5 June release


1,380 KB

4.5 June release


1,110 KB

Includes the remote proxy "fall-back to a direct connection" feature.


4.5 May release


1,379 KB

4.5 May release


1,111 KB


Secure Sockets Layer certificates and DLLs
Unless otherwise noted, extract zipped files to the Proxomitron program's home directory.

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Extended list of trusted certificate authorities, extracted from the IE6 database.

September 7, 2006


51.5 KB

Proxomitron's certificate, good for one year.  (Starts on version date.)

January 1, 2018


1455 bytes

SSL DLLs (extract "libeay.dll" and "ssleay.dll" to Proxomitron's home directory) -- original OpenSSL sources were modified to work with Proxomitron (Naoko 4.5 only) -- compiled by Sidki (ReadMe).

0.9.8 / October 1, 2006


744 KB

Alternative OpenSSL Installer -- last (older) OpenSSL version natively compatible with Naoko 4.5 -- compiled by Shining Light Productions.  Full installation of OpenSSL plus software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.




2,068 KB

ZLIB compression library
Unzip zlib.dll to Proxomitron's home directory.

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ZLIB's Win32 port -- maintained by Gilles Vollant.



42.7 KB


Express yourself
"Skins" for the Proxomitron.  Unzip to Proxomitron's "textures" directory.

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golden theme with reflective buttons

grand preview

P.I Team

79.3 KB

intense blue theme with choice of two buttons

bluewoo preview

P.I Team

72.1 KB

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