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Hello to our fellow Proxomitron users and -- of course -- to all the newcomers who have just discovered this amazing little program!


This Site
Proxomitron.Info was established to provide information and resources for the Proxomitron, along with the latest versions of Scott's program.  Our goal is the creation of a knowledge base to complement existing support sites.

P.I is the cumulative effort and ongoing project of a small core of Proxomitron enthusiasts who are dedicated to sharing "all things Proxomitron."  We're here to help you realize the full potential of the program so you too can rewrite the Web your way.

The Program
For those who have not yet been introduced, meet the Proxomitron: a free, highly flexible, user-configurable, small but very powerful, local HTTP web-filtering proxy.  To become better acquainted, please see our online version of the Proxomitron Help files for a more comprehensive overview.

The current (and last) version of Proxomitron is Naoko 4.5, of which there were two releases, one in May of 2003 followed by one in June.  Although very similar, there are distinct differences between the two which are not mentioned in either program's documentation.  Both releases are available in the Files section.  P.I's focus will be on the latest version -- the June release.

The Author
Scott R. Lemmon originally developed the Proxomitron for his own use.  He then decided to release it to the public and made himself available to users via email and in several Proxomitron user-discussion groups.  His support, like his program, was always free.

With the release of Naoko 4.5, Scott discontinued all further development and support of his program and pulled the official home of Proxomitron off the Web.  We respected his decision to move on and wished him all the best -- which is, after all, what he consistently gave to us.

Sadly, one year later, Scott died -- but his brilliance of mind and spirit lives on.  Simply put, Proxomitron is a reflection of its creator:  To know Scott's program . . . is to know Scott Lemmon.

We dedicate this site to Scott and his outstanding achievement:

The Proxomitron.

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